Why Use Broken Dish Records Limousine Services?

Why Use Broken Dish Records Limousine Services?

If you’ve never used Broken Dish Records Limousine Services, you’ll never know what you’re missing. People who have gone out on trips with the company, and have lived to tell the tale, generally come back speechless. And that’s why you’ll never know what you’re missing. Nobody knows what they’re missing, because no one ever says anything.

Broken Dish Records Limousine Services was founded by a trio of true musical lunatics, and that’s what the company is all about. So when getting Airport limousine Transport call on Us. Click on the Website Link to check out more.





It’s about lunacy. Sheer lunacy. That’s it. Amen.

The names of the three founders are Jim Smith, Johnny Rogers, and Jonas Salt. Back in the early Nineties they were a trio of musicians based in a small town in the Rocky Mountains and touring the whole nation.

Jim played the guitar, Johnny played the fiddle, and Jonas played the mandolin. They sang country and western music to the tune of bluegrass, and even did classical renditions of bluegrass too.

They were a bunch of crazy fools, and they never really got anywhere as a musical trio, although they certainly did try hard enough. denver airport limousine service is just one of our many services.

And then one night when they were driving their Volkswagen bus through the mountains on their way home from a gig—not long after their record contract had been torn up in their faces (back in 1995 it was)—their Volkswagen bus just sort of rolled over and died on them, and so there they were: out there in the middle of the mountains on a freezing winter night, and what were they going to do?

Well, they couldn’t do anything but dream. And somehow they started dreaming that they had started a limousine company to rescue stranded drivers like themselves in the Rocky Mountains.

The idea was that when drivers found themselves marooned up in the mountains, from their car dying on them, or from an accident or something like that, then they would sweep in in a big limousine and pick them up and rescue them.

Does that make any sense?

I didn’t think so either.